Will this work on TOR highest privacy settings?

  • Tor's highest privacy settings are as follow:

    Disable browser plugins (such as Flash)
    Restrict third party cookies and other tracking data

    HTML5 video and audio media become click-to-play via NoScript.
    All JavaScript performance optimizations are disabled.
    Scripts on some sites may run slower.
    Remote JAR files are blocked.
    Some font rendering features are disabled.
    JavaScript is disabled by default on all sites. (I guess this is it since it's based on Node.js?)

  • Why not try it out for your self on this site? The best way is to see it for your self.

  • Alright. I'm going to install it via Wheezy right now.

  • It should work read-only (disallow javascript and 3rd party cookies prevents everything else).

    Node.js is just the server-side, it doesn't matter in this regard if the client disables javascript. But since NodeBB relies on javascript for login purposes, it's read-only then.

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