You've got a web installer?

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    Any ideas where I should look to find said web installer? Would make things a bit easier, for sure.

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    Yes, by default if you run node loader.js with no config.json, it should kickstart the web installer on port 4567 😄

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    Yes, I am convinced that's hilarious. However, I was told I would automatically create a link to the previous thread on said topic, as it was old, but no such link was created.

    Great software ...

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    @meh I don't get your problem? You're searching for the web installer and you got an answer, right? Or am I missing something? I don't get it - what does that have to do with some link from a previous topic?

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    @lenovouser Some dude was talking about a web installer but didn't feel like linking to it. I answered him and because his post was old, a new thread was automatically created by the system. I was promised a backlink to the old thread, though.

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    @meh Wait what? I doubt that we all understand what you need. When there's no config found node will load up the web installer in the place where the forums will normally boot so Replace the part by your own IP and you're ready to move onto the installation. And if that doesn't work for some reason you can always use ./nodebb setup instead of node loader.js. There basically the same thing and both do the job the same way.

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    Is it really so hard to understand? Maybe you let your interpretation run a little wild? People sometimes do, and the very last thing they think you mean is exactly what you say.

    • There is a web installer thread on this board.

    • It is old.

    • When you reply to it, a new topic is created.

    • Because it's so old.

    • Before you do, you are promised that there will be a link back to the old topic.

    • There won't be.

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    Thanks for the bug report. This forum is running the latest development branch so there will be some bugs, if you're running 0.8.2 it won't be a problem, or when we release 0.9 it will be fixed

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