Ethernet cables serve fine as ropes!

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    So I wanted to write a little story of what I've been doing today, today after my work I went out on a site for second hand stuff, and found this old Dell PowerEdge 1850 for sale for 20 Eur, so I talked to the seller, he gave me his address and all. Everything smooth so far. Now! As I forgot I'm literally crazy and don't own a car. So how do I get a 1U rack server from place A to B. (7.7KM BTW) My original plan was to go get some climbing rope and carabiners I had at home, and then go on bike to the location. But as for everything I carefully plan out, nothing goes as plan.
    By my surprise when I arrived at the location, I forgot the rope... "Shit!" I thought when I was ringing the doorbell of the office. Hoping I would figure something out I was slightly panicking to find something to strap down a ~20KG server.
    Finally after I was done with talking to the seller and exhanged the money he asked me: "Sooo how did you get here" with my reply; "By... Bike..." The look on his face was amazing as I grabbed the server and put it back on my bike. "So you got something to strap it down?" he asked me. "Ehh about that", "Ye be right back, I'll have a look around"
    After around 4 min of holding the server on the bike so it or the bike would not fall over he came back with a good 5 meters of CAT5E, so we strapped in the server on the back of my bike and I set off. Needless to say I had the most near accidents and people shouting at me for being a idiot... I've seen weirder stuff been carried on the back of bikes. But regardless now I got a second server to break, repair and collectively destroy :3

    So the moral of this story? or rather morales:

    1. Ethernet cables are damn strong and work near perfect for holding something (or someone)
    2. Always, ALWAYS think ahead of your transport methods!
    3. Always buy a electric bike!
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    You forgot to answer the most important question: Are you going to install NodeBB on there? 😆

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    @julian Absolutly, xD the server will mostly serve as a test bench to break and reinstall NodeBB for plenty of times on 😉

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    Needless to say I had the most near accidents and people shouting at me for being a idiot...

    ROFL! Well glad you and your server made it home. The magic of NodeBB goes beyond the laws of physics 😛

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