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    So finally the error is gone.

    I added this environment variable to my Openshift proyect:
    LD_PRELOAD = '/opt/app/node_modules/sharp/vendor/lib/libz.so'

    This is the url to sharp inside my node_modules.

    When I opened the terminal I get and error saying that it can't be preloaded but after installing all dependencies the error is gone, and I could upload images!!!

    Thank you very much @PitaJ !!!!

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    Hi Devs,

    I am running the latest nodebb master, and updated to the latest redactor-composer.

    I tried to upload a file using redactor, but it did not work, and no error message was posted. With further digging I found that the file was too big (higher than the predefined value in the admin page).
    Is there a way to catch and display errors from nodebb callback routed into the Redactor plugin?

    Minor issue, I see that when @media width>1000 Redactor is full page, but the topic title placeholder disappears. Further research identified that the div above it has "display = flex". Unsettling that brings back the title placeholder.


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    @baris that worked thanks again!

  • Problem with images

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    Good, I found it !
    Thanks you very much !

    (it was in Settings -> Uploads)

  • Images in tags

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    Guess this isn't possible. I looked at the badges addon that supposedly could do this but can't seem to figure out how to get it to work.