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  • I believe it might be possible to have notifications working, I don't know if using GCM (Google Cloud Messaging).
    What I understood is that I would need the server to send something to GCM and it would return it to the app, I don't know if there is a more direct way (without GCM)

  • Alright, as some people approached me I was thinking to release a third version of the app.

    Sure its the same old webview, but it got faster. Way faster.

    Everyone who is interested in an updated version (added OneSignal support as well), should hit me up.

  • @AOKP

    Hi aokp, Could I get one? Thanks!

  • @AOKP I'm interested as well.

  • @AOKP very nice! I'd like to get on the bandwagon here.

    I tried building a webview app for NodeBB as well but it got declined when I tried to publish to Google Play. They considered it a SPAM app with intent to solicit clicks to sites not belonging to me.

    I feel there's a lot of potential with building an app that is more than just a webview as I've started mine to include a bottom bar navigation as well. The buttons interact with NodeBB via javascript.

    Here's a screenshot:


  • Time to answer some questions.

    @soupain I will disclose the full source code. Therefore it will be possible for you to build your own app with ease.

    @Chanrith nice approach, however I am too lazy to do the same. I would greatly appreciate it, if you feel like sharing your code with us. And about your issue with the submission to Google Play: Get in touch with Google and offer them to add a TXT DNS record or any other documents proving your domain ownership. Usually this should be more than enough for them.

    Currently I am in a stressful time as my final exams are to be written soon. However, I think I should be able to dedicate enough time.

    @julian want to re-add the app to your plans?

  • Bumping this, today I found time to make a couple of changes to the app.
    Updated all the dependencies and libraries. Additionally I successfully integrated OneSignal. Down below you can see an example how it looks like:

    The updated code will go online in a couple of minutes.
    The docs explain how to compile the app on your own, if you are still too lazy you can acquire a compiled version for your needs for a small fee.

    Please continue discussion here:

  • @AOKP looks like you're way ahead of me on this one. I will check out your source code and see if I can contribute. Thanks for starting the work on this. There's a lot of potential.

  • Is it possible to receive notification of forum message on the telephone?

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    @sezon said in NodeBB Android App:

    Is it possible to receive notification of forum message on the telephone?

    on... the telephone? What do you mean?

  • @julian wish a reception of a message or an alert on the forum, to be able to see the notification on the screen of home of the telephone with the name of the application, so when in the bar at the top of the telephone

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    Your smartphone right?

  • Yes ! Smartphone sorry


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