[nodebb-theme-peace] Peace Theme for NodeBB

  • Admin

    This is just a simple theme based on persona that modifies the topic view with a sidebar.

    Here is a screenshot when you are at the top of a topic.

    And here is one when scrolled down.

    The sidebar is a bootstrap affix so it is always visible when you scroll down, useful when using infinite scroll as well.

    The sidebar also reduces the width of the posts so I find it easier to read compared to long horizontal lines.

    Reply, sort by and watch are always visible previously they would go out of screen.

    There is a lot more room for browsing user images.

    You can install it with npm i nodebb-theme-peace

  • Anime Lovers

    Wow, I modified persona to set all of that info to fixed at the top of the post. This is better. Definitely like this.



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