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    On a fresh installation, the only plugin installed is Markdown. which is great.

    May I suggest that the devs also install some plugins that users will need to install, so that all they need to do will be to activate them. That will save us the task of having to search for and install plugins.

    This will be just like some categories are created by default.

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    Don't forget User Mentions 😄 That is also a bundled plugin.

    Which plugins would you like to see bundled with every NodeBB install? Obviously, they're held to stricter standards than other plugins... :x

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    I think any plugin that brings a must-have feature to the table is a candidate for inclusion in the default install. I'm thinking about the video plugins, admin page plugins, etc.

    Right now, I have to find those plugins, then install them. Or is there a command to search the repo for plugins using npm?

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    @planner said:

    Right now, I have to find those plugins, then install them. Or is there a command to search the repo for plugins using npm?

    Yes and no... there is the plugins category on here, and you can also search npmjs.com

    The neatest way (that I've just discovered), is just running npm search nodebb-. That'll return all of the plugins published to npm.

    I'm thinking of building a plugins directory for NodeBB in the coming weeks though... 😄

    Edit: npm search nodebb-theme for themes, and nodebb-plugin for plugins respectively.

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    Thank you.

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    47 plugins... 50th person to publish a plugin gets a shoutout on Twitter! 😄

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    That's great.

    This is post number 125 for me. That I think makes me the only non-dev with more than 100 posts. At post number 130, I think all the devs should give my site a shoutout on Twitter. Deal 😉 😉

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    You've got a ways to go, actually 😉

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    Just discovered that if I highlight a word or block of text, it shows up in the composer as a quote. Nice!

    Back to topic. Aside from @StuartH, I think all the others are code-contributors, but never mind.

    Just finished installing 16 plugins.

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    @julian said:


    You've got a ways to go, actually 😉

    I need to get a hobby!!!

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    Still on plugins, why is it that some plugin are auto-activated just by installing them, but not others.

    For example, the static page, youtube, vimeo, gallery, Emailer (Local) are all activated auto. Is that by design or something else?

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    As far as I know, they shouldn't be activated automatically...

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    How the hell do I have so many posts 😞 I've only been here a few weeks..

    On a side note, it would be awesome to be able to search and install plugins/themes from the ACP - but I know we're probably a ways from there.

    @julian What do you do with your hosted installs? Just keep the popular and verified plugins installed and up to date?

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    We install on demand (via support ticket) -- although we're building a system so that this can be automated.

    Mostly in cases where a plugin accidentally borks an install, they won't have to come and message us to fix it!

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    omg @StuartH why do you have so many posts. btw @planner StuartH is as about as non-dev as you could possibly get hahaha no offense Stuart! In his defence he's been reading some HTML5 books lately so looking forward to seeing what he's going to come up with.

    Yeah @Chris and @Mr_Waffle are fairly new, I wouldn't be surprised if those guys surpassed my posts in a few months. Time to /ban

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    Suspend @StuartH. I need time to catch up 🙂

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    Okay handing out 1 week bans to all. One month for @julian I need to catch up too.

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