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    @tfraley a reboot doesn't make a difference. At times I can see the three bullets just fly by, but they disappear. All of them were working fine yesternight, all gone--but GitHub--this morning.

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    I was having trouble with the facebook plugin. I went to the page config page, hit F5 (to refresh the page), then put my settings in and saved it. Before that it wouldn't let me save it at all. So far I am not seeing any issues with it after I did that.

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    @tfraley said:

    Seems like every once and a while my Facebook (login/register) icons disappear

    I attest to this. It is happening for me as well.

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    Just posted this in @Fastidious thread, but figured it warranted posting in my own as well

    Basically today I went to log into my forums and I was met with an error, and was locked out.
    I also noticed I was missing login buttons. I normally use Facebook, twitter and google.
    Facebook and Twitter were missing

    After getting back in and doing some testing, it seems the culprit was the twitter plugin.
    I went one by one turning them on, until it crashed again, then doubled checked it again.

    Twitter crashing seems to bring down the Facebook button as well. Could it be something in both of these plugins together that are conflicting?

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    Thanks @baris is there a workaround for the time being until it's uppated?

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    That issue would only happen if the plugins dont have their key/secrets set? Is one of them empty in the ACP settings page?

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    @baris , Ok, you were dead on for some reason my application and secret data is gone from the twitter plugin.

    So I went in added the information back to the twitter plugin, restarted the server just in case.

    Now I do See the Google+ plugin, of course, and now I see the Twitter however... The Facebook one is no longer there.

    I went back into the backend double checked Facebook and all the information is in there.

    I then went and disabled the twitter plugin again, and low and behold the Facebook button is back without the twitter plugin enabled.

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    Ok, If I disable google+ then Facebook and Twitter show.

    Maybe the missing twitter information fixed the error I was getting, and the fact i'm not seeing all three has to do with the theme.. Going to look into that next.

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    The recent Facebook and Twitter update fixed this issue for me now all three login buttons are showing.

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