Clear cache after 0.8.0 upgrade & can NOT login

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  • Good day, Before I do a server rollback.
    Just wanted to check

    I upgraded to 0.8.0 last night everything went ok.
    Was able to log out and log back in.

    This morning I am getting the following error

    Failed login attempt, please try again.
    Cannot set property 'user' of undefined

    Ok, last night I did the upgrade from my laptop.
    This morning I tried to login from my desktop and received this error.

    Thought ok reset password.. still same issue.
    Then was like ok maybe a caching issue cleared the cache on my desktop still same thing.

    Then I was like hummm.. try the laptop.. Ok, it was working fine.. I logged out and in a few times.
    Then again, I was like humm. So I cleared the cache and it has broken it .. Reciving the same error.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
    Don't want to restore and have the same thing happen again.

  • OK did a roll back

    Then did the upgrade again
    Then cleared cache
    And low and behold, I can NOT login, nor any other user.. Had someone else check it

    My steps...

    thomasfraley@nodebb:~/nodebb$ clear
    thomasfraley@nodebb:~/nodebb$ git fetch

    remote: Counting objects: 1896, done.
    remote: Compressing objects: 100% (152/152), done.
    remote: Total 1896 (delta 1175), reused 1104 (delta 1102), pack-reused 642
    Receiving objects: 100% (1896/1896), 329.71 KiB | 0 bytes/s, done.
    Resolving deltas: 100% (1495/1495), completed with 229 local objects.
    944fc6e..f7648c2 v0.7.x -> origin/v0.7.x

    • [new branch] acp-paper -> origin/acp-paper
      a990e9c..a1fb234 master -> origin/master
    • [new branch] persona-2.1 -> origin/persona-2.1
      a1f49f6..0c62b0a v0.6.x -> origin/v0.6.x
      4f57227..796cf1b v0.8.x -> origin/v0.8.x
    • [new tag] v0.8.0 -> v0.8.0

    thomasfraley@nodebb:~/nodebb$ git checkout v0.8.x
    Branch v0.8.x set up to track remote branch v0.8.x from origin.
    Switched to a new branch 'v0.8.x'

    thomasfraley@nodebb:~/nodebb$ git merge origin/v0.8.x
    Already up-to-date.

    thomasfraley@nodebb:~/nodebb$ git pull
    Already up-to-date.
    thomasfraley@nodebb:~/nodebb$ ls
    app.js Dockerfile loader.js nodebb.bat public
    bcrypt.js Gruntfile.js logs node_modules
    config.json install minifier.js npm-shrinkwrap.json src LICENSE nodebb package.json tests

    thomasfraley@nodebb:~/nodebb$ ./nodebb upgrade

    1. Bringing base dependencies up to date... OK

    2. Updating NodeBB data store schema.
      Warning: Redis server does not require a password, but a password was supplied.
      Warning: Redis server does not require a password, but a password was supplied.
      Warning: Redis server does not require a password, but a password was supplied.
      28/8 07:26 [1240] - info: Beginning database schema update
      28/8 07:26 [1240] - info: [2015/02/08] Clearing reset tokens skipped
      28/8 07:26 [1240] - info: [2015/02/17] renaming home.tpl to categories.tpl skipped
      28/8 07:26 [1240] - info: [2015/2/23] Activating NodeBB Essential Rewards - skipped
      28/8 07:26 [1240] - info: [2015/02/24] Upgrading plugins:active to sorted set skipped
      28/8 07:26 [1240] - info: [2015/02/24] Upgrading privilege groups to system groups skipped
      28/8 07:26 [1240] - info: [2015/02/25] Upgrading menu items to dynamic navigation system skipped
      28/8 07:26 [1240] - info: [2015/05/07] Upgrading uid mappings to sorted set skipped
      28/8 07:26 [1240] - info: [2015/05/08] Fixing emails skipped
      28/8 07:26 [1240] - info: [2015/05/11] Updating widgets to tjs 0.2x skipped
      28/8 07:26 [1240] - info: [2015/05/20] Adding username:sorted and email:sorted skipped
      28/8 07:26 [1240] - info: [2015/06/02] Creating group sorted sets skipped
      28/8 07:26 [1240] - info: [2015/07/03] Enabling default composer plugin skipped
      28/8 07:26 [1240] - info: [2015/08/18] Creating children category sorted sets
      28/8 07:26 [1240] - info: [2015/08/18] Creating children category sorted sets done
      28/8 07:26 [1240] - info: [upgrade] Schema update complete!

    3. Storing upgrade date in "package.json"... OK

                           NodeBB Upgrade Complete!

    thomasfraley@nodebb:~/nodebb$ ./nodebb start

    Starting NodeBB
    "./nodebb stop" to stop the NodeBB server
    "./nodebb log" to view server output
    "./nodebb restart" to restart NodeBB


  • @tfraley What SSO plugins have you installed?

    As of...

    • an hour ago, I fixed a regression in the sso-google plugin that caused logins to break.
    • yesterday, I also fixed the 2factor plugin

    Those are the only two plugins that I am aware of, that were not compatible with v0.8.0 right out of the box.

  • @julian

    Ok here is the list of plugins I have installed


  • Can you install sso-google instead of sso-google-confirmed? I do not maintain that one, so I cannot resolve it (although let me open a PR now...)

  • @julian
    Ok uninstalled old google and installed and activated the new one now on last steps up upgrade again..

    That seems to have done it.


  • PR drewdotpro/nodebb-plugin-sso-google-confirmed#1, waiting on @drew, 😄

    afaik the only difference is these SSO users are insta-validated, which the other SSO plugins do not do.

  • @julian yeh I think now I know nodebb a bit better I can probably make a PR for the official one to allow insta-validate as a flag in the admin config for the plugin.
    Appreciate the PR

  • @julian does this apply to the facebook one too?

  • Current package updated to include PR from Julian and latest changes from his master

  • @drew Nope, just the Google one.

  • @julian
    Twitter SSO pplugins has also problem on 0.8.0

    Internal error. 
    Oops! Looks like something went wrong!
    Cannot set property 'user' of undefined
  • Ok guys, seems (from my low knowledge about auth) that since 0.8.0 only oauth2 is used ? and I think before it was not mandatory and was working because I didn't changed anything on auth provider (google, twitter, FB) between the upgrade on 0.7.3 to 0.8.0

    So after log investigation I get back on all app config, not it nodebb but on external application for developer on google, twitter, facebook and adjusted settings :

    • on FB dev page I added my email and enabled visibility to anyone => now Works
    • on google dev dashboard I enabled google+ API (it was working without this before, strange) => now works
    • I also changed into nodebb config.json url from to (even if nginx redirect all http to https) and solved my twitter problem

    Now all seems to auth fine, yeah!!

  • Hi there,
    Sorry I did not updated this post, but it worked fine until expiration of my token (not sure ??)
    I openned a new topic because I' could not log in anymore on my forum,
    Any ideas would save me 😉

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