Okay...now how do I become the admin of my forum? :)

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  • After two weeks of learning and failing, I was finally able to see my NodeBB in the browser! (I need a drink...)

    I am not ready roll though as I am stuck on this small issue: How do I become the admin for my forum? I looked around online and didn't see the answer. Can someone show me how?


  • By default the the user you inform in the setup process is the admin of the forum.

    After that you cant change privileges via the Administration Control Panel (APC) and set admin permissions to other users, change existing permissions etc.

    You only need yo login with the username/email and password informed in the setup process in order to have access to the ACP for the first time.

  • @jarey said:

    By default the the user you inform in the setup process is the admin of the forum.

    Hi, Jarey!
    Where do I do that? Do you mean through Linux set up? I remember I only set up the URL and the database info only.


  • @Ziggy i mean when you run ./nodebb setup one step ask you to enter admin email login and password.

    That user is the afmin by default.

  • I didn't see that. I am using MongoDB and the instructions I followed don't even mention the admin info: https://docs.nodebb.org/en/latest/configuring/databases/mongo.html

  • @Ziggy it should have prompt in step 8.

    You can check in the post created on your forum who is the admin user, is the writer os the welcome post.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    There was no prompt about forum's admin info. And you can see that Step 8 on the doc doesn't even mention it. Is it expected?

    When I go to the forum site, I see no post. I was able to create a regular user account, however.

  • NodeBB

    ./nodebb setup wont ask for admin details if there is already an admin user. If you ran ./nodebb setup on an database that already has data that might be the case.

  • Thanks @jarey . As you insisted...I had to find it since you were sure that it should be in Step 8. Eventually, I found it by rerunning the setup. It worked. I can't believe I am in the ACP! It looks awesome

  • @Ziggy glad you got it working 😃

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