• Here's a scenario. Let's say I have 100,000~ active socket connections on a daily basis and quadruple that in Redis reads/writes.

    How would I go about scaling this application for those numbers in a nutshell. What would I have to do to maintain the current speed here.

  • I'm wondering if it would be possible to run a redis-server from a SAN and then access it with multiple Node instances... hmmm..

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    At present, we do have support for use of a redis server outside of the local server. This allows people to deploy NodeBB on a heroku instance, for example, where the Redis add-on would be hosted elsewhere.

    At some point, we did have support for passworded Redis instances, although we removed that as part of a feature cull (half-baked featured were removed, code cleanup, etc).

    If there is a call for it, we'll add it back in.

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    This post is deleted!

  • @julian didn't you demo to a roomful of 200 people at DevTO on a shared environment with a gig of ram?

    I think we have a long way to go with scalability AND usability - but I hope we're on the right track and we'll have the community's support in making sure we get there!

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