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  • Is it a bug? Can't filter

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    Also I have several concerns about groups.

    I'm working with groups now, and I have found, that they don't have identifiers.
    Could you share idea around to don't have ids for groups?

    I think you should use identifiers for every entity that you have. Or if you want to have name as a key, please provide instruments to have clean keys, now you just push name (Example: 'Beaver Lovers all over the World') as key... as a result it produces document with a key group:Beaver Lovers all over the World

    If you like names as keys, I think, these changes should be made:

    • introduce additional field, for example displayName, because name is part of identification of the document
    • use clean keys, as you do for slugs
  • I agree, that is very strange they did it that way when most other objects use ids.

  • Yeah it might make more sense to use slugs instead of the actual group name when storing the key. Right now when you go to the group page you use a slug in the url and then the code grabs the group name using that slug to load the correct group's data.

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