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    Is it a bug? Can't filter

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    Also I have several concerns about groups.

    I'm working with groups now, and I have found, that they don't have identifiers.
    Could you share idea around to don't have ids for groups?

    I think you should use identifiers for every entity that you have. Or if you want to have name as a key, please provide instruments to have clean keys, now you just push name (Example: 'Beaver Lovers all over the World') as key... as a result it produces document with a key group:Beaver Lovers all over the World

    If you like names as keys, I think, these changes should be made:

    • introduce additional field, for example displayName, because name is part of identification of the document
    • use clean keys, as you do for slugs
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    I agree, that is very strange they did it that way when most other objects use ids.

  • NodeBB Admin

    Yeah it might make more sense to use slugs instead of the actual group name when storing the key. Right now when you go to the group page you use a slug in the url and then the code grabs the group name using that slug to load the correct group's data.

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