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    I remember when @baris or was it @julian one of you told me I should preload the images. Using jQuery, what would be the best way to preload the images? Right now, I believe my preloading method is ineffective as I am using CSS to preload the images. Right now I will have to optimize ALL of the images in my assets folder using PNG Crush and I am extremely tempted to using Varnish Cache with Nginx. Not sure about this yet. I've used it before and it was extremely effective but I'm sure thats a case-by-case basis.

    What do you guys recommend?

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    If you have an array of images, just loop through them and prepend img tags to body; set a class for them to be display: none. For better performance set preloaded to a timestamp in localStorage and skip process on subsequent loads.

    Also for you specifically, I noticed that you used to do an onHover effect for category images (I think it took greyscale to color) - best if you did that via a spritesheet rather than loading a brand new image.

    There might be better solutions but throwing this out there 🙂

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    When's the last time you went to the site? There are no grayscale effects any more because it taxes the browser rending all of the effects.

    I use a deferred method now as this article describes.

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    I pretty much check it every day. I had figured that you were just waiting to add those images back once you're happy with the layout and such

    edit: so you're not? you know the category image thing I implemented in NodeBB was inspired by you right? 😛

    edit2: woahohoah, definitely what you have right now I did not see like 1-2 days ago. Very impressive!

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    Good god @trevor, you're blowing my mind.

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    Haha. Yeah I was sure you haven't checked it LATELY. and yes @psychobunny I'm well aware. I'm sure many people will love that enhancement.

    Thanks @julian 🙂

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