[nodebb-plugin-newsletter] Send e-mail newsletters to your users.

  • Has anyone tested this on master lately? Emails aren't rendering a preview or sending from my test forum.

  • Community Rep

    Updated to v0.5.0

    • Fixed compatibility with NodeBB v1.0.0
    • Added an option to use raw HTML in your newsletter instead of parsing as a post.
    • Fixed relative paths for uploaded images and files.
    • No longer requires Markdown.
    • No longer loads composer add-ons, only basic buttons.

  • Community Rep

    Updated to v0.6.0

    • Fixed some more issues when using relative urls.
    • Removed dependency on the default composer.
    • Changed the ACP newsletter form to be HTML only.
      • Preview now displays in a modal, for a better idea of what it will look like when sent.
    • Admins can now send a newsletter when making a new topic.
      • Parses the newsletter as a post.
      • Shows a preview in a modal just like in the ACP.

        alt text

  • Community Rep

    Updated v0.6.2

    Fixed sending a newletter from a new topic in latest nbb.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    Would be great to have a feature where an admin can select several user groups.

  • nodebb 1.50 and newsletter 0.6.4 - i can select only 2 user groups - Administrators and Everyone. I can not send to custom user groups anymore.

    Tried it in both new topic and newsletter in admin panel.

    Does anyone else have same problem? Any suggestions?

    thank you!

  • Community Rep

    v0.7 Changelog!

    • Fixed nbb v1.5.x compatibility
    • Now uses tinyMCE
    • Can select multiple groups to send to at once.
    • Can override subscription settings.
    • Can use an e-mail blacklist.

  • Hello, hoping someone can help here!

    I'm having an issue with this plugin saying users are banned. I've set up the in built Gmail service and test emails/digest/registration emails etc are all working wonderfully.

    I have the newsletter plugin installed (and I reinstalled it to see if this helped, it didn't) and every time I try to send a newsletter I get a message saying successfully sent, but no email arrives. Looking at the logs, I'm getting the following:

    13/10 09:07:37 [7395] - info: [Newsletter] UID 2 is attempting to send a newsletter.
    13/10 09:07:37 [7395] - info: [Newsletter] Sending newsletter to groups: "everyone"
    13/10 09:07:37 [7395] - warn: [Newsletter] UID 1 has invalid user data, skipping...
    13/10 09:07:37 [7395] - info: [Newsletter] UID 2 is banned, skipping...
    13/10 09:07:37 [7395] - info: [Newsletter] UID 3 is banned, skipping...
    13/10 09:07:37 [7395] - info: [Newsletter] UID 4 is banned, skipping...
    13/10 09:07:37 [7395] - info: [Newsletter] Successfully sent newsletter to 0 user(s)!

    UID1 is the admin account I think, which does not have an email address associated with it. UID2 is my account, also with adminstrator privileges, and I am definitely not banned...

    Has anyone run into this problem before? I have tried using every single email plugin with the same results, although given that the other email functions are working and its saying sent to 0 users, i suspect its some other issue rather than email authorization. Appreciate any help!


  • Community Rep


    I pushed version 0.7.1 to the admin panel, which I think should fix this. Let me know. Thanks!

  • @yariplus its working perfectly now thank you very much!!!

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