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  • NodeBB 3.2.0

    NodeBB Development
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    @baris All good, after I ran some system updates, then did another build and this time, no error!

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    @DownPW said in NodeBB v3.0.0-rc.1 β€” The release candidate:

    ./nodebb stop
    git fetch && git checkout develop && git reset --hard origin/develop
    ./nodebb upgrade
    ./nodebb start

    Thanks. My test forum is now on v3.0.0-rc.1.

    @julian @baris Thanks for v3 πŸ€“

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    Three sites updated thus far, no issues.

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    I think I have discovered another breaking change that you didn't mention, though it is probably super-niche.

    This commit:
    broke our custom SSO plugin. The result was that after successfully logging in our external identity provider and being redirected to our Forum's callback endpoint, I was ending up not logged in (the button in the header still said "Log in") and stuck on /register/complete roadblock. It looked like our Passport strategy verify callback, that parses output from the identity provider and fetches user data via OAuth2 was not invoked at all.

    It turns out that the changes in this commit don't play well together with passport-oauth2 ( internal ability to protect against CSRF (which we were using). This strategy was already using state parameter to pass its own CSRF token. I don't have more time to investigate but I suspect things shipwrecked when NodeBB overwrote the state parameter with its own CSRF token.

    Turning off passport-oauth2 internal CSRF protection (by removing state: true from its options) fixed the issue.

  • Nodebb v1.3.0

    NodeBB Development
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    NodeBB team release v1.3.0.

    Thats new:

    Add to post "replies to this post" link (expands/collapses the replies inline under the post) SSO plugins can to redirect users back to the page they were on User is able to restore deleted posts EU Cookies Notification/Warning Show original post/topic etc dates older than month (customizable) add registration queue approvals/rejections to the event log fix collision of button text in user picture changer on mobile/tablet devices refactor favourites (favourites become bookmarks) breaking change plugins and themes edit password screen can display validations default group chat name to usernames automatically deleting the topic with no posts (when moderator delete last undeleted post) allow regular moderators to access the general flagging interface textcomplete update to 1.7.2