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    I love the composer.

    I know I've already said that but I do, so much it inspires me to see it shine shine shine!

    First I present some basic edits and additions to the composer, to refine even more the sleek minimalism - sleeker, not weaker.

    Spot the Difference


    Did you spot the changes?

    Red Changes.png

    A) Gone is the left aligned arrow/circle - meet the new (27px x 3px #E2E2E2) - RESIZER NOTCH! 🙂

    B) Huh? What is that ... read on

    C & D) - Doesn't this just look better, make more sense positionally, rather than words in those clashing with the input and preview areas!

    E) - I'm pitching to fully BOX in (top, left, right & bottom) the post editor - Also reducing the beautiful blue line down from 3px to 2px.

    Composer - Right beside you!

    B) What happens when you click it! 😉


    Mans & Womans - I dunno if this exists, I searched, I didn't find it but why not! (now you know why the box in post editor box is needed further + it visually feedbacks better too) It's clearly the natural progression to enhance composer experience and I have NEVER seen this done in any forums I have used, ever! (happy to be corrected).

    For the sake of focus I have split by posting the full blown right side composer pitch here: "Composer - Right Beside you" dedicated dev topic so click here to continue the surge of comments 😋 - thanks!

    Please Upvote 👍 - If you want to see this as a core feature in standard nodeBB deployment.

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    @julian I found the category notifications plugin earlier today and I think it's going to be quite useful for our users so I'm glad that it exists!

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    Just in case anyone else runs into a similar problem, I was looking at the wrong api urls to get what I needed.

    I needed to be getting JSON from the topic data, rather than category or post. Most everything is working now.


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    @Shaun when 0.5.0 is released, their will be full documentation, but the process will be something along the lines of

    git checkout v0.5.x git pull ./nodebb upgrade

    But their will be an announcement about all of that and how to update when it's ready. If you have any other issues with plugins etc, feel free to create a topic. 👍

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    Okay handing out 1 week bans to all. One month for @julian I need to catch up too.