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  • First - can I actually delete categories? I know I can disable, but because nodebb comes with so many pre-configured when I move topics things like that, all the disabled categories show up (but are greyed out).

    After updating to 2.0, even though I backed up my .tpl files that I modified, restoring them just broke the layout. I had to actually re-edit the tpl files and put the changes I made back in to each file. I don't imagine there's an easy way to preserve template changes between versions/upgrades, etc?

  • 23:27, and I'm realising that there needs to be a way for me to mark topics unread. A bit of a superfluous feature, really, haha.

    I'll see if I can answer your questions tomorrow.

  • @julian thanks.

  • @theepiphany -- The difficult part about completely deleting categories is that if that happens, then the topics inside of it are now orphaned, and cannot be retrieved without database manipulation (messy messy business).

    What we usually do is rename existing categories instead, hence you have less clutter, but if you've already created them, then that's not a solution ๐Ÿ™‚

    Perhaps we can allow destruction of categories if and only if they are empty?

  • As for template files, I would suggest that prior to upgrading, you run git stash to temporarily revert your changes.

    Then you can upgrade cleanly, and then run git stash pop to put your changes back in.

    If all goes well, there will be no conflicts, but if there are, they will be highlighted (hopefully in a legible way) so that you can resolve them manually.

    Tag @psychobunny

  • I think it might be a good idea to completely hide disabled categories from the move topic modal.

  • I think it might be a good idea to completely hide disabled categories from the move topic modal.

    Yeah, I was thinking we may also want to do this... or at least hide them behind an expandable dropdown/div

  • Did someone say database manipulation...


    Oh wow, I didn't know about git stash pop. I'm such a git newb. I always did it manually. Interesting... Although I'm pretty sure my stuff won't ever merge properly. ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • Git Stashes are fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    Although you wouldn't come across them regularly, so it's no surprise not many people know about it.

  • @julian I did actually use git stash then git pop and my whole template was broken for some reason. I didn't spend enough time to figure out if it was caching issues as there's only like 3 lines I changed in 3 files so it was quick to recover from, but I was thinking for the future.

    I did rename some of the categories to use them - however - my forum is only using 4 right now.

    I'd suggest that the NodeBB install only come with 1 or 2 pre configured categories if you won't allow deletion of any existing ones. Can I delete them from the redis database in the meantime? They are all indeed empty.

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