ProfileLinks broken after upgrade 0.6.1

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  • Need to be pointed in the right direction
    Just been working a plugin that adds a custom profile link
    This was previously working in 0.6.0
    However, just upgraded to 0.6.1, and well it stopped working

    my filter:user.profileLinks is like

    				id: 'tipping_history',
    				route: 'history',
    				icon: 'fa fa-history',
    				name: "Tipping history"

    When i navigate to the profile menu, it is not visible.
    If i dig in and inspect the elements on the page i can see that it is embedded in the list, but the class contains 'hide' which is doing its job and hiding

     <li id="{}" class="plugin-link private hide"><a href="/user/gnasher/history"><i class="fa fa-fw fa fa-history"></i> Tipping History</a></li>

    if i manually modify the page and remove hide, it will display my custom menu item,
    but i am having some frustration finding where to sort that in my plugin programically.

    Additioanlly, 'id' is not being pulled from the above configuration

  • This should be fixed on the 0.6.x branch now.

    Although I am not sure why the id field is not parsed into the template.

  • Thanks @baris
    The was an easy fix.
    Problem existed within the programmer writing the plugin 🙂

    I will make a new pull request

    Also, could you explain the meaning of the parameter 'public'
    If i add

    public: true

    This also makes it visible, but i am unsure of its intended usage
    What is the impact upon the visibility and usability



  • I imagine it is related to if the user is logged in or not.

  • @pitaj
    Thats what i thought also, but if your logged out, you dont actually see a profile menu
    So the setting seems moot.
    Poking around in code, it could be useful, but maybe the potential has not been realised.
    i haven't realised the potential
    Just curious to understnd this as i like the idea of having user based menu

  • I don't think public:true/false do anthing right now. I think it was intended to make some links visible to other users or make them private.

    Ie if user A goes to user B's profile if public:true is set for that link user A will see that link in user Bs profile dropdown.

  • Thanks @baris for the carification

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