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  • Hi. I'm using emoji extended and having a similar problem with image loading.

    As I understood from what you said, the browser interpreted the IP address of my server as a local address and look on my computer instead? How do I direct it to my server? I have not bought a domain yet (still thinking of a name).

  • What is the "url" in config.json?

  • I don't see a config.json in this package, only index.js , package.json, and plugin.json

    I'm assuming it's in index.js , which contains the following code

    sorry if it's not readable, they come like that in the file.

    I think the path is: emojiPath=nconf.get("url")+"/plugins/nodebb-plugin-emoji-extended/images

  • @snowplum, @Alex means for you to check the config.json file in the root of your NodeBB folder.

  • Ah sorry for being such a noob.

    the url is

  • @snowplum As it seems you don't have any port-forwarding of port 80 (default if no port is specified) to your board-port 4567.

    So you'd either need to setup nginx or sth. like to forward 80 to 4567 (this way you'd be able to access the board via without :4567) or change the url property of your config.json to

    If you're interested in the first, take a look into the docs.

  • nvm, the issue could be solved by just adding 4567 to the url, forget what I said below 😉

    I couldn't configure nginx, so I used Apache instead (after purging and autoremoving nginx).

    As I understand, now my url (without port number) should be forwarded to port 4567. However, when I visited that url, I received this message

    "Welcome to nginx on Debian!

    If you see this page, the nginx web server is successfully installed and working on Debian. Further configuration is required.

    For online documentation and support please refer to nginx.org

    Please use the reportbug tool to report bugs in the nginx package with Debian. However, check existing bug reports before reporting a new bug.

    Thank you for using debian and nginx."

    That's very strange because I believe I have purged nginx.

    Emoji still doesn't load on my website.

  • This post is deleted!

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