Add User to Group When Not in List

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  • Community Rep

    With the new groups interface, how do you add someone to a group if they don't show up in the list to select from? For example, I would like to add users Nic and Josh to one of the groups that we have. But if you type in their full usernames they still do not appear in the selection list. Instead only people with longer usernames that include their full names appear. So I never get a chance to click on the people that I need to select.

    How do I get them into a group?

  • NodeBB

    Looks like the search on the group edit page limits to results to only 4 user so if there are more matches it doesn't display them. I increase that limit to so you should see more results now. It is on master and 0.6.x branch.

  • Community Rep

    Maybe full matches should outrank others too, if I type in the exact match it would be good if I had a way to always get that rather than going through a list of longer partial matches.

    In some cases we might end up with a huge number of matches, potentially.

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