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  • This year, the NodeBB team is thinking of registering for Google Summer of Code! We missed the deadline last year by a few days 😦

    Learn more about GSoC here!

    One of the requirements is we need to have an "ideas" page, where we maintain a list of ideas that help applicants decide how they can help us. The more detail the better.

    Except hey, why do we have to maintain it, when we could open it up to ideas from you guys? 😄

    So let's hear it -- what do you want to see in NodeBB (maybe plugin or maybe core) that the founding team really hasn't found time to do?

    Note: This topic will probably be heavily moderated, and discussons about specific features/ideas will be forked into a new topic.

    What is an Ideas list?

    An Ideas list should be a list of suggested student projects. This list is meant to introduce contributors to your project's needs and to provide inspiration to would-be student applicants. It is useful to classify each idea as specifically as possible, e.g. "must know Python" or "easier project; good for a student with more limited experience with C++." If your organization plans to provide a proposal template for the students, it would be good to include it on your Ideas list.

    Keep in mind that your ideas list should be a starting point for student proposals; we've heard from past mentoring organization participants that some of their best student projects are those that greatly expanded on a proposed idea or were blue-sky proposals not mentioned on the ideas list at all. At a minimum, all the ideas on your Ideas List should include the expected outcome of the project, a potential mentor, the skills and/or languages required to complete the project, and a general "difficulty" level. A link to a bug tracker for your open source organization is NOT an ideas list. “Placeholder” or inaccessible ideas pages will be grounds for an automatic rejection for participation in Google Summer of Code 2015.

    You can check out the Ideas list for KDE for Google Summer of Code in 2011 to get an idea of what we’re looking for in an ideas list.

  • Sounds awesome!

    I had no idea this existed until today.

    My suggestions:

    Automatic backup/restore
    Automatic update of core

  • @pitaj
    Nice idea automatic update of core, but i think that still to early for nodebb as core is still not completely stable and changes are still being made, so i think after few more versions it is possible

    whereas Automatic Backup is a system that nowadays every site require. so plus +1 to Automatic Backup & restore

  • @julian was NodeBB accepted?

  • No 😦

  • @julian that's too bad. Will you pay me then 😛

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