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    Possibly related to the new verified-users, unverified-users groups. If your forum had the require email confirmation setting on and you upgraded then registered-users no longer have posting privileges. This is done by the upgrade scripts. But if you reverted without doing a database restore then registered-users won't have the privileges back.

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    Haha yeah it gave me enough info to where to look.

    It was essentialy this.

    var postcount = parseInt("1,000", 10) + 1; which results in 2 instead of 1001 😆

  • Posts & Sidebar Bug

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    Don't ask how I came across this one, it's a strange one, to reproduce,

    This only happens in Firefox as far as I can tell,

    Open a topic via ajax from a category, close the tab with ctrl + w or with the X on the tab, press Ctrl Shift & T to reopen that tab. Hold the back button on the browser and click the first link that takes you back to the category where you came from.

    You get this:


    However the URL is that of thr category. 👍

    It actually looks quite nice, but should probably be an option if people ask, and not a bug. 😆 (Would tie in nicely with the related posts issue that's on Github)

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    That's great to hear, we really put a lot of work into 0.5.1 in terms of optimizations. Let us know if the freezing issue happens again.

  • Cant edit posts

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    managed to reproduce this - only on first registration. subsequent logins seems okay