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    ACP Widgets should open with a single click on the title bar. I know this is a small thing, but I find the current way widgets are opened very annoying both in terms of design and usability.

    Currently, I can open a widget in one of two ways: Clicking the down arrow or Double-Clicking the title bar. I think the latter option needs to be changed to a single click. Double-Clicking is not intuitive in a browser, in fact I can't even think of any page where I've used a double-click. What's worse is, in mobile, double-tapping already has an expected function. (Usually Focus-Zoom, which is actually okay in this context, but that function is not universal.) The down arrow should stay because it adds context, like how bootstrap drop-downs have a down arrow, but can be clicked on anywhere in their box.

    I am making this request because I only recently found out that the double-click open was even a possibility. In the greater scheme of things, I think you should avoid double-click features entirely unless absolutely necessary because I don't think you can count on that being the expected behavior of the user.

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    @yariplus Didn't even know we could double click tbh, always used the arrow. Two seconds, I'll check.....

    Oh yeah, I see what you mean, only problem with a single click is it may fire when the intention is for a user to move the widget to another area like drafts etc. If it can tell the difference between a click and drag vs a standard click, then yes, a single click would be the preferred option there.

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    Yeah, we added dbl-click to open mostly as a shortcut for me. Initially, the only way to expand a widget is to click the expand arrow.

    We can probably differentiate between click and click-drag, so this can be changed to single click...

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    @julian Thanks! I appreciate you taking a look at it.

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    @julian I got this working and made a PR. I hope I did it right. 🙂 Never done a PR before.

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