How to change website HOME page ?

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    @jonaski said in Empty captcha in login page, cant access admin settings:


    Looks like there was an issue in the plugin with the login page. Should be fixed in 0.7.7. Let me know if it works now.

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    @ForoTele fix the url value in config.json, it should be set to exactly the same url at which you access your site

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    either run ./nodebb log from the console or check the file output.log under the logs folder in NodeBB's installation directory or got to ACP -> advanced -> logs

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    Agree, just have to get used to the differences between what you have in NodeBB and PHP temptate engines like Smarty and vBulletin's built in engine.

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    @arasbm As a recent NodeBB explorer (and NodeJs) I'll suggest you to start with the harder of plugins and themes and it's plugins.
    As I understand the thing :

    Plugin is a custom behaviour that could work on every NodeBB forum and that is not based on the theme. It should be configurable (if needed) and not conflict. It try to solves a problem that is experience related. Theme is how you want your NodeBB forum to look like. It's easier to go inside because it's based on a sublime api and it's just css/html and and a bit of JS. If you want you theme to create a custom behaviour that is only applicable to itself then you can because themes are created and treated like plugins.
    You can take a look at the api on every NodeBB page with {origin}/api/{path}

    Both plugins and themes can make the use of the api and write content to use after. Take a look of the existing ones and you'll have a good point of view to start developing you owns.