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    Hello guys,

    Can't do initial setup: sudo ./nodebb setup

    Screenshot from 2015-01-25 11:36:34.png

    I have auth connection error:

    Screenshot from 2015-01-25 11:44:01.png

    I just double checked configuration(config.json includes correct password), seems everything is correct, also I don't have problems with connection from mongo shell or Robomongo (Admin GUI):

    Shell example: mongo -u overuser -p herePwd --authenticationDatabase forum_db

    Mongo is configured with authentication:

    # Turn on/off security.  Off is currently the default
    #noauth = true
    auth = true

    overuser is dbOwner of forum_db
    branch: 0.6.x

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    Interesting stuff, but:

    node app.js --setup

    I was able to finish initial setup...

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    It could be because you were calling it with sudo

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    As @pitaj mentions, invoking sudo with NodeBB is bound to bring you trouble 😄 -- no need for superuser privileges for NodeBB, and I'm thinking of having NodeBB run as the nobody user, if possible...

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