Role managemnet

  • A more specific role management system that lets the administrator define moderators and assign them to a specific thread. Also, I want to decorate these moderators (i.e. adding somthing to their name, or add a icon, etc).

  • Admin

    Topic-specific permissions? That's going to be difficult... and definitely in plugin territory. I doubt many people will want that kind of functionality in core.

  • You can use groups to define moderators and actually assign a label to them. but being able to define system wide administrative permissions through the group settings would be a huge plus.

  • I would also like to have different permissions by rank or group. And if we could assign users to those groups based on reputation, that would be awesome.

  • NodeBB should try to replicate vBulletins role management, there is lots amount of controls and options. NodeBB is lacking in that aspect.

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    I agree with @julian, I don't think it's a good fit for core.

    I think only very large boards would need this feature, and most NodeBB sites I've seen are small to medium size communities.

    It would be a great plugin though 😀

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