Devs and plugin / theme devs, what editor do you use?

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    I would put a poll in, but it looks like the plugin isn't enabled?

    Anyways, I started with Notepad++, used Gedit, moved on to Atom, then tried out Brackets (buggy and slow) and Sublime 3 (fewer features than Atom), and now I'm back to Atom.

    I am kind of off put by Github's use of Coffeescript (wtf Github?), so I haven't started creating any plugins or anything in Atom (as their lack of JS docs makes it really f*cking hard), but I really like the editor and the availability of plugins more than Sublime (for instance, previewing Markdown in Sublime requires opening a browser page).

    BTW, I've heard that Webstorm is nice, but I hate Java, so that's never happening (I'd rather use Visual Studio).

  • Ive always been a Notepad++ fan until a few months ago when it randomly corrupt a file here and there. I lost a 200line php class file one day then like a week later, I lost a 175line JS project. Not much to rewrite, but its the principle -_-

    Remove my 180second limit plzz!

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    I usually use Notepad++, but Webstorm is great too if I need more features.

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    I've been using Sublime Text 3 for over a year now (PHP, HTML and JavaScript) and never looked back, 10/10. One of the key features that I enjoy in ST3 is the ability to add different plugins etc. via Package Control (more here + the UI is remarkably simple.

    For Java I usually go with NetBeans.

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    @markkus if you like ST3, you'll love atom. Every plugin that exists for ST3 that is popular has a corresponding plugin in Atom. Plus, atom has a GUI build in for installing, updating, disabling, configuring, and removing packages. The increased flexibility of Atom also allows for the packages to do more.

    Atom is essentially a hackable, better version of Sublime.

  • Usually PHPStorm, but I wiped my HDD when I went over to Windows 10. So at the minute, I'm without one. May try an up to date version of phpstorm, see how it's improved.

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