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  • I've been using Linux for about 20 years, and while I'm mostly just a graphic designer, I would like to think I'm a moderate unix admin being able to handle most tasks.

    Trying to get nodebb installed, up and running was impossible. (at least to this point)

    Not very friendly.

    Shouldn't I simply be able to: apt-get install nodebb and have it just work?

    I know you can't do as I had hoped, but it would be nice if someone could work on a package to help allow for the proliferation of this software which looks to be fairly nice.

    But if mid-level (forgot nubs) admins can't get it setup and installed then you are fighting an uphill battle with regards to widespread adoption. Perhaps that isn't the idea though.


  • @Sick

    Why do you try to use the PDF? I mean, yeah you're right it doesn't look that good - and it seems like it is not that easy to read, but why don't you just use the online docs?, or if you're using some version of ubuntu:

    Works perfectly fine for me.

    If you need more help, I would volunteer 😄

  • I had no issue installing on Ubuntu and Mac OS using the online docs.

  • Yeah the PDFs are created by a 3rd party service. Please use the html version and feel free to file an issue against our core repo if it doesn't work for you. Thanks @ApfelUser @pichalite 🙂

  • Right, again, perhaps I'm just not the intended target group. I gauge success of a thing by if I attain it or not. 🙂

    I've had little to no problems installing other software for our community, it's just when getting nodebb setup it hasn't been easy.

    Some kind folks have offered to help so perhaps when I get time I'll swing back by.

    I'm really enjoying using this community site so far. I'd love to give it a whirl for our online gaming community: (/shameless plug) 😉

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I just wish I would have succeeded. And yes, I did follow the online docs. My point is that it shouldn't be that difficult. 😞

  • @Sick Nice site.

    Are you by chance using Debian? I had a hell of a time getting it set up on my Debian box (Wheezy). I tried using repositories that were recommended, but it just never worked. I think the problem was redis. I'm pretty sure I ended up building it from source. Everything works pretty much flawlessly now.

  • @yariplus

    Ding ding ding.

    yessir, this is exactly what I'm doing. Or rather, failing to do. 🙂

    I've got latest Debian running and my node.js setup with nodebb just isn't working. I also have nginx setup and I must admit I'm a bit of a newb when it comes to that webserver. It's a miracle it's running at all. LOL. hides

    So you say I should simply follow the "build from source" directions?

    I can give that a shot I reckon. 😕 It feels like 1995 all over again! 🙂

    Thanks man, I'll run that one up the flagpole.

  • Yeah, I just took a look at my ~, I have the gits for nodejs 0.10.35, redis 2.8.19, and nodebb 0.6.0 that I built from source. These are not the legacy versions suggested on the docs, but they are the ones I got working on my Debian Wheezy. (I built them with the instructions from their gits, not the nodebb docs)

    I just noticed there was a sections about using a dot-deb for install, I don't remember if I tried it that way, but it might be easier if it works.

    I hope this helps in some way, I'm a bit of a newb myself. 😉

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