[nodebb-plugin-minecraft-integration] Minecraft Integration!

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    v0.4.0 Changes

    This version changes compatibility to 0.7.0 in preparation for upcoming changes.
    Fixed some minor issues with multiple charts on the same page.
    Fixed an issue where avatars would sometimes push other content incorrectly.
    Fixed dropdowns on the status widget sometimes derpping.
    Added styling to the parent widget container in the ACP, might be helpful to some that use a lot of widgets like myself.
    Added a compass icon replacing the text link to toggle the modal dynmap.


    I'm changing to 0.7.0 compatibility preemptively (Nothing currently requires it.) because I'm developing on 0.7.0 and I cannot guarantee I will be able to make time to test for backwards compatibility going forward. If someone ever desperately needs compatibility message me and I will do it.

    I'm working on some major changes including changing the plugin to "nodebb-plugin-minecraft-integration". It will be more intimate with nodebb and feature close coupling of forum data in addition to the widgets. The coupling is optional and will not be on by default. Coupling works alongside a Minecraft-NodeBB server plugin, also by me. (I currently have builds for Bukkit, Bungee, and Sponge servers and plan to support each since the code is very similar.) Forum registration is handled on the Minecraft server itself via player commands. The users' forum name, avatar, and groups will be the same as and actively linked to their Mojang UUID info and can't be changed on the forum except by admins. Minecraft features such as rankings, leaderboards, stat pages, PMs, etc.. are pushed to nodebb through the Minecraft plugin even if coupling is turned off and updated real-time with sockets.

    nodebb-plugin-minecraft-integration is still a ways off but I thought I would let people know what I'm working on since my updates to MCWidgetEssentials have been few recently.

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    Wow sounds good. Good job so far looking forward to seeing this expanded plugin

  • I can't seem to get it to show up in the installed plugins window

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    @Shaun-C I can help you. Did you install from npm/admin page or Git? What version of NodeBB?

  • Swedes

    Cool stuff, check out our Minecraft server 🙂 minecraft.freegame.nu:40071

    Its a swedish server but hey, english works too!

    Will check out this plugin later 😉

  • @yariplus i installed it from npm and I'm running the most recent version of nodebb

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    @Shaun-C Those should be compatible, can you find the error on your log for me?

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    v0.5.0 Changes

    This is a complete re-imagining of the plugin. The app is more modular, uses an API, and dynamically updates all widgets. Widgets are updated in real-time when used with [bukkit-plugin-nodebb-integration]

    New Features

    Widgets update dynamically!
    New admin page. Servers are easier to configure, and you can enter an unlimited amount.
    ACP Widgets are colorful and more dynamic.
    Container titles can use the server variables {{motd}} and {{name}}
    An API was added using GET requests or SocketIO connections.
    Minecraft Avatars are stored on the database for quicker retrieval.
    You can use a custom Avatar CDN.
    Overviewer maps are now available, in additional to the default Dynmap.


    You can use Bukkit-Plugin-NodeBB-Integration to enhance the features of the forum plugin. By default, this plugin will send real-time updates to all forum widgets. If you use SSL and enter an API Key on both plugins, users will be able to use the "/register" command. This will create a new account for the user and/or add their UUID to their forum account. Also, this will link there Player Avatar to their forum profile among other things.

    New Widgets

    (Require [bukkit-plugin-nodebb-integration])

    TPS Graph Widget

    A graph showing the servers' recent Ticks per Second.

    Chat Widget

    Show a mini-shoutbox-like widget that records the in-game chat and allow web messages. (Doesn't send to the server, yet.)


    Avatar borders and rainbow charts are not migrated yet. (Soon.)
    You will lose all of your <v0.5.0 data.
    Top Widgets can only show playtime, for now.
    Overviewer maps work fine, but will complain in logs.
    Large maps are coming.

  • This sounds awesome, I've been looking into spinning up a Minecraft server for my forum too!

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    @teh_g Nice, I hope it goes well!

    Let me know if you like the plugin and if there's any way I can make it better.

  • He, I was just trying this out, and on NodeBB 0.8.1 its impossible to add a server since the pop up to add a new server doesn't pop up.
    Nevermind! I am a potato! And forgot to install the plugin.

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    @Kowlin Cool.

    Let me know if you run into any issues. I know the current acp is a lot different then the readme shows. I've been meaning to make a new release and I'm about two month behind schedule. 🍌

  • It still looks functional. Just need to test it with a friend who runs a Bukkit server.

  • I'm all new to NodeBB, I might sounds nooby but I have to be taught some way or another.

    I have no clue how to head to the setup page, I am in the "Installed Plugins" section but I can't figure out how to go to the "Minecraft Integration" page to configure the plugin.

    Thank you for reading.

  • I've been waiting for this now! It looks so freaking cool at my end! You did a great job!

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    @Victhetiger After you Install the plugin and Activate it on the Installed Plugins page, restart NodeBB then refresh the admin page. There should now be a "Minecraft Integration" link under the main Plugins menu.

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    @Archeon Thanks!

    I have not updated it in quite a while. Please let me know of anything that doesn't work. I'll make sure it gets fixed asap.

  • @yariplus Thank you for being an active author, I have one question though, will there ever be support for voting site links on this plugin?

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    @Archeon Interesting idea, it would work well with some of the future plans I have for the plugin.

    I checked out a few of the most popular voting sites, and only some of them had an exposed API, I'll have to investigate further and possibly contact them.

    Which of the voting sites are you most interested in? I'll make sure I get it working with them first.

  • The two major ones at the moment server / network owners care about.

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