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    Building a custom theme based on vanilla:
    I want to show the posts.index for each post in the topic.tpl template
    The problem is that the first post is, obviously, #0, and I want it to display #1. Also the href should be /1, and not /0

    Well, as far as I know, you can't just do {posts.index+1}, you need a template helper. How should a theme register and use a custom template helper? Should I edit public/src/helpers.js manually???

    I can't find an example, hope you guys can help.
    Thanks in advance, and great job with nodebb, it is clearly a next-generation forum platform.

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    First you need to add some plugin-like functionality to your theme
    Next you have to add hook for static:app.load
    You have to require templates.js

    var templates = module.parent.require('templates.js');

    And last thing you have to do inside of static:app.load hook

    templates.registerHelper('superCoolHelper', function(data) {
    	// here your code
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    thank you @Oleksandr-Pidlisnyi
    I've modified our plugin.json to add a hook:

        "hook": "static:app.load", "method": "appLoad"

    then added that appLoad method in our theme lib js:

    Theme.appLoad = function(params, callback) {
    	templates.registerHelper('postIndexPlusOne', function(data) {
    		return data.index+1;

    this way, instead of using posts.index (there is a bug here, try to add {} and see what happens) in topic.tpl now we can use {function.postIndexPlusOne}

    again, thank you!

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    not so fast 😛

    the function works, and prints post indexes starting at #1 instead of #0 BUT, there is a problem, a big one:
    it only works if you load the topic from scratch, I mean, if you navigate from topic list to topic then it doesn`t work, and shows:


    if you press F5, then it works again:


    is that a bug or a feature? the template is the same, but it just works on page load, not on ajax loaded content.

    should I open an issue?

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    Ah, that'd be because you added the helper to the server-side portion of the code, but our template engine works on both sides, server and client.

    Paging @psychobunny, the engine dev 😄

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    @TheBronx all you have to do is run the same code on DOM ready for it to work on client side. Add this to your client-side JS:

    $(document).ready(function() {
        templates.registerHelper('postIndexPlusOne', function(data) {
            return data.index+1;

    EDIT: this is how you add client-side JS files from your plugin.json:

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    @psychobunny understood. now we understand a lot of things regarding templates. thank you too!

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    Use 'Benchpress' import instead of 'templates' in latest version(s).

    var Benchpress = module.parent.require('benchpressjs');
    var library = {};
    library.init = function (params, callback) {
        Benchpress.registerHelper('someFunc', function (arg1) {
            return arg1*2;
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    @mrazadar using require.main.require is what I recommend for plugins and themes

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    Does it still work? My helper functions don't seem to be recognize in my template files.

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