• I am used to using PHP scripts and your installation instructions are sooooo confusing to me. Could anyone walk me step by step? 🙂

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    Hey @MatthewHawley!

    We were all PHP developers too. Don't worry, it's not as bad as it looks 🙂

    Check out this friendly guide

  • @julian I dont have digitalocean.

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    The first step is realising that Node.js is not like PHP in that you are not going to be extracting a set of scripts and then accessing them. That sort of simplicity is what made PHP great, but Node runs more like an "app" than anything.

    What type of server hosting do you have? If you need a free host to play around on, you could always try Heroku?

    As @outlawedoffroad can attest -- the main thing is to persevere. NodeBB itself is not a complicated application, but the jump from PHP to Node.js may make it seem much more complicated than it is 🙂

    Try and go through the Heroku steps one by one, and post here if you run into trouble! The community is more than happy (I hope) to help out 🙂

  • yeah I agree with @julian. @MattheewHawley pls let us know if you run into any issues, give my tutorial a try and let us know if you run into any problems. DO is $5 a month - if you want to use a diff setup we can try to accomodate, let us know 🙂

    p.s. I have to plug our hosting service that's launching at end of year - but if you choose to go it alone we can try to help.

  • Matt,

    Spend the time researching the apps and your server setup first. You want to be able to install newer versions of Redis and nginx. You might need proxy and web socket help so read now.

    I learned all on the go coming here as someone with limited code and server experience but understanding concepts since I've admin/own a few vb forums.

    Once you do get up and running site admin is a thing of the past. No horsing around with weeks of setup. Know CSS? Good, it's less now but the same thing basically. Know how to edit TPL files? Awesome you will have a custom site in no time.

    I was frustrated as hell using CentOS. I had it for free with my auto forums so I wanted to save the cash. In the end I went to Digital Ocean for $5 a month and literally was back up and running in an hour and the sites all set back up and ready to go.

    Good luck!

  • I'm not gonna use NodeBB on a live forum, i just want to test it out. So I won't be spending $5 a month.

  • I'm not gonna use NodeBB on a live forum, i just want to test it out. So I won't be spending $5 a month.

    I had it operational in CentOS so you don't have to pay to run a test bed. But you might need to install a few extra scripts or services.. I needed a service script for cpanel so it restarted node on a hard server reboot.

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    @MatthewHawley - what's your current server setup like?

  • @julian I'm using the shared package on my host. But its Linux, CentOS, and Redhat.

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    If you have root access to your machine (or even if you don't, just ssh access is required, really), that is enough.

    That is the minimum requirement for a NodeBB, since we need an environment where we can execute the actual application (again, unlike PHP)

  • I'm not gonna use NodeBB on a live forum, i just want to test it out. So I won't be spending $5 a month.

    You are aware that $5 is roughly £3? which even for me is not going to break the bank for a couple of months of testing.

  • @StuartH I'm american

  • @StuartH I'm american

    Ok but my point is still the same 🙂

  • @StuartH Well £ means nothing to me. All we use is $.

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