Is there any way to receive notifications for all posts?

  • Kind of related to my other question about default notification settings. But now I am wondering if there is any way that users could receive an email notification as soon as there is a reply to any post on the forum. Of course something that they could configure. Is this currently possible?

  • Has anyone solved this? Monitory my forum for any new posts and responding as fast as possible is really important to me.

    As an admin I should be able to receive every new post via email as soon as they happen. Users should also get notified via email when their post is answered. Maybe there is a new way of thinking on this but you can't rely on people logging in and checking if their post was answered. Thanks.

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    @Joel-Haggar This could be done via a plugin.

    People can already get emails when replies are made to their posts or posts they are subscribed to.

  • Can you tell me how you set that up? I didn't get any notification to your reply to this post. I might be interesting in contributing $'s to make a plugin like this if someone is interested in building it. Thanks.

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    For posts you follow, there is this option:


    However, this is highly dependent on whether the mailer plugin installed supports it. Right now, I do know the Mandrill plugin does.

  • I was thinking about this other day, on the Ignore/Watch selector could that be extended to Ignore/Watch/Notify?

  • @julian Ah ha, thanks for that. I'm still learning a lot of the features. I have the sendGrid plugin and it seems to work fine.

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