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  • I've implemented Elasticsearch search plugin based on the nodebb-plugin-solr plugin. I saw that there was an older Elasticsearch plugin that was outdated, so instead I took the nodebb-plugin-solr code and adapted it, replacing the Solr code with Elasticsearch api calls.es-config.png

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    @joe1chen NICE, but whats the difference between the two and how do they compare as far as performance goes? What would make me switch from Solr (i hate java) to Elastic Search?

  • As far as features are concerned, both are very comparable. Both are built to scale across multiple machines, although Elasticsearch is designed with its own clustering built-in while Solr is designed to work with Apache Zookeeper.

    We already had a cluster of Elasticsearch servers and wanted to leverage that instead of having to deploy yet another cluster of Solr servers.

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    @joe1chen You beat me to it! I was going to adapt Solr for elasticsearch, but then I saw it was also based on java, and then I went 👊

    If there are benchmarks vs. Solr, that would be very much appreciated. 😄

    I presume you modeled elasticsearch w/ the latest fixes to Solr I made today, yes?

  • @julian Yup, it is based on the latest version of your solr plugin from today.

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    To be perfectly honest, if there was a robust search solution programmed in a language that's *not Java (not that there's anything wrong with it), I'd give it a try.

    Like Python, maybe... or Go?

  • Does anyone know if this plugin still works on the latest nodebb? Thanks

  • I just installed it with 0.9.3 and it doesn't appear to work. It never created an es index, but search results were still coming back.

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