• I am unaware about the current method of selecting new features to be implemented in the updates. So here is my suggestion:

    One of the admins pointed out to me some feature implementations like gravatar etc. attracted lots of criticism from the users. So why not admins and other core developers select a handful of features and have a monthly poll? For examole , featues which gets highest votes in November poll will get a greenlit for the December release.

    Obviously it cannot guarantee that all users will like the outcome, but at least the developers will be releasing new features based on the majority of the users. This can solve problems similar to gravatar induction and all in future releases. Also outcomes of poll will help in carving out a pattern of expectations from the users of NBB.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @vegetagz6 for the most part we do a variant of this. Features are added to the issue tracker and those where public input is desired is tagged as "Request for Comment".

    Gravatar specifically, was added to NodeBB back when NodeBB had no fans 😢, so nobody stopped me XD

  • I guess I better dig out the DeLorean....

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