• Hello,

    How do you set up email on nodebb? I installed nodedb-plugin-emailer-local, but it doesn't seem to work for V 0.5.2..

  • @aii said:

    but it doesn't seem to work for V 0.5.2..

    Can you be a bit more specific? We're usually quite good at diagnosing issues, not so good with Clairvoyance. 😆👍

    Required info, what have you tried? Any errors when running ./nodebb log or ./nodebb dev?

    To take the ease of your server, I'd recommend looking into emailer-mandrill, as they give you a free 12,000 emails per month.

  • After I activate the plugin and click on Emailer (Local) from the intstalled plugins menu I get a 404:

    "Not Found

    You seem to have stumbled upon a page that does not exist. Return to the home page."

    No errors in the log, but there was this warning:

    warn: [plugins/nodebb-plugin-emailer-local] "callbacked" deprecated as of 0.4x. Use asynchronous method instead for hook: filter:admin.header.build

    ./nodebb dev gave me this warning:

    warn: Route requested but not found: /admin/plugins/emailer-smtp

  • Global Moderator

    @aii @a_5mith

    I think that error means that you've installed the wrong emailer plugin. There are two, one works and one doesn't.

    I think @psychobunny knows something about this.

  • GNU/Linux

    @aii the same question I met.looking for help, too.

  • Follow these steps to get it working

    go to extend > plugins
    look for Emailer (Mandrill)
    install and activate plugin
    restart nodebb
    go to mandrill, generate and copy api key
    go to your nodebb > installed plugins > emailer (mandrill)
    paste api key and click save

    To test email, go to settings > email and then click on send test email

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Use the local emailer plugin under the NodeBB name:

    npm i nodebb-plugin-emailer-local

  • So things have changed and now mandrill is shutting down. What emailer alternatives are there?

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    I recommend SendGrid 😄

    We support many via plugins, sendgrid, mailgun, mailjet, postageapp...

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