Doubts before migrating a forum to NodeBB

General Discussion
  • Do we have the following features in NodeBB ?

    • List of users who favorited a topic in a separate page - Ideally I want to use this for event RSVPs to see who actually are attending

    • Is there a way to send daily digest for individual categories ? Can we organize posts in a digest based on the tags ?

    • Can we assign individual moderators to categories to manage the users for that specific category ?

    • Is there any calendar integration ?

    Clarifications Required

    • If I use Nodebb as a backend to run a paid forum or marketplace with some modifications, do I need to share the whole code to everyone as per GPL3 license ?

    • Can NodeBB scale with Heroku if we add more servos ? Do we need sticky sessions for load balancing ?

    • Is there a way to use Redis for reading and Mongo for writing documents ?

    Any inputs here @psychobunny @Julian @baris ?

  • In order of the bullet points.

    • Not sure if the API returns that info, would need confirming.
    • Daily Digest configuration is as follows: On/Off
    • Yes.
    • Dont think so.
    • You're free to do what you want with NodeBB except package it up and charge for it. If you make a custom list of features, you're under no obligation to release it etc. However it would be nice, for the sake of that one other guy who'd want to do something similar. But couldn't work it out. The greater good etc.
    • I'm not sure on the extent of the scaling work the devs have done I know that it supports multiple cores,but I don't think heroku servos count as cores or not.
    • I believe being able to use both is in the pipeline, but im not 100% on the technicalities.
  • Our work supporting clustering on NodeBB has no effect on Heroku, I think... if you spun up four dynos, they'd be four separate entities, but please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Thanks @a_5mith. That cleared many apprehensions.

    I am still looking out for the following items

    Your inputs will be very helpful. @psychobunny @Julian @baris can you shed some light ?

    • How can an admin / moderator manage users (add new / remove existing users) only with in their category ? This is very important because each sub forums used to have separate admins to manage users in our custom built forum.

    • List of users who favorited a topic in a separate page - Ideally I want to use this for event RSVPs to see who actually are attending

    • Can all user settings have default values set by admins. End user can override it. But default values should be set by admins especially like daily digest, following topics..Is this possible ?

    • Will daily digest be separate for each category or it will be consolidated into one mail for all categories ?

    • Does Nodebb require sticky session based load balancing ?

  • @julian I couldnt run Nodebb in heroku with loader.js. I am able to do with web app.js.

    Is there a way to do clustering in heroku or digital ocean if the mongo is hosted in mongolabs/momgohq ?

  • Hi,

    I also would like to task how far clustering is supported yet?

    I tried the clustering and if the module falls back to long polling it seems not to work together with the current clustering. The connection breaks just a second after it was established.

    I'm using 0cb3a5bd3f779e650436efb5886e57297078593c right now.

    If it is not completelty supported, are there any plans until when it will be?

  • Did you setup redis for It is required for clustering to work properly with

    Also some useful reading about heroku and socket.io1.x +

  • @baris Yes I use Redis for NodeBB, so it gets applied to the integrated But also it seems like I misinterpreted the problem for some reasons...

    Several features are not working with clustering, for example the chat:
    I can open it, but...
    As you see in this screenshot, sometimes I get the messages and sometimes I don't.

    Or the plugins, I can initiate installation and nothing happens but the image changes. Installation through the ACP just don't work with clustering. I haven't tested it yet together with websockets, as I'm a cloudflare customer and haven't got access to the websockets right now.

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