Some iPhone 6 Plus Owners Report Bending Phones Just From Sitting Down

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    @julian said in Nokia launches DIY repairable budget Android phone:

    I think rooting (or at least, custom ROMs) is/are important for extending the life of older devices.

    Yup, and current devices seem better at that than past ones, since generally the loss of functionality would happen without updates anyway (more apps are probably dropping older API levels than using strong integrity, OTA updates don't matter anyway if you have no official updates anymore, and again, most vendors don't have an equivalent to Samsung's Knox that would be lost while rooting).

    I'll note that there is one device line that I would consider installing custom ROM on even new - Pixels, to get GrapheneOS. Though unfortunately they're not officially available in my country, so I make do with Samsung devices.

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    Hi all,

    I just want to know if a blog section and/or a forum section would be suitable for a website destined as a professional portfolio.
    For example, a portfolio website maybe should never include a section about news or sports, as well as it should always include a section about the personal CV, but I don't know if a blog or a forum are ideal or convenient for the portfolio purpose.


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    I'm sure @psychobunny would love that. It was his idea entirely 😄

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    @psychobunny mysteriously can now also post on my site, feel free to edit out the expletive or delete topic. 😅

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    thanks that works ! cheers