Pagination Issue with Blank Page

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    When we hit a post count that pushes us to a new page (say post 21 when we have pagination set to 20) the page comes up blank until the 22nd post is made. Here is a thread talking about it...

  • Tried to reproduce on my dev, seemed to work for me, I enabled pagination in my user settings and set the posts per page to 20. After making the post that causes a new page it took me to a page with just that post.


    Maybe it is fixed on the 0.5.1 branch.

  • Can confirm this one on mine as well. But for me it happens to be post number 50 as that's what my pagination is set to. When there's exactly 50 posts in a topic, it will show me a blank page 2, when I actually want page 1, as the 51st post hasn't been created yet.

  • Can you give me repro steps. You set pagination to 50 then have 50 posts including the main post or 51 posts including the main post? Also how do you enter the topic when it takes to a empty page etc.

  • @baris 50 including first post. I believe it happens when you click Read More on the homepage or latest post from the categories. Don't remember if it's happened when clicking on a notification.

    The 50th post seems to go to the next page. But it's on the first page. Posting adds a 51st post, and loads properly.

  • @baris Can repro on this forum. Set your pagination to 50. Go to Popular then Year, scroll right down to the topic with 50 posts, it's your DB Search plugin, I was the last poster. When you click "replied 3 months ago", it will load a blank page.

  • Yeah could be a 0.5.0 thing, I can't repro on the other branches.

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    How long until we have 0.5.1 in production?

  • We are hoping for end of september for 0.5.1

  • Confirm this issue. It often show blank page with odd index of post.

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