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  • I just happened to notice this on my S4.


    I can turn my screen and see the full length of what's on this line in the code tag, but in potrait orientation I am unable to scroll the tag to the left to copy it. For those with screen orientation changes turned off, or for those on "not-so" smart phones, this could be an issue.

  • Hmm, theres a few ways you could solve this issue. One way I solved this was to change code { white-space: nowrap; } to
    code { white-space: pre-wrap; } which is the more quicker way.

    Other ways, I can think of off the top of my head is adding an overflow-x: auto to .post-content.

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    Would be possible to show the "Topics Tools" menu when I watch the list of topics under a certain tag? That would be useful if I need to create a new category for a bunch of topics with the same tag.

    Furthermore, it would be interesting for me to be able to add the same tag to all topics in a certain category, what is add a new option in the "Topics Tools" with something like "Add tag to all".

    Thank you very much.

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    Let us know if you need any help 🙂

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    Subcategories are presently only supported by the vanilla theme, and even then it's all on the backend of things. The Child categories don't acutally show inside of the parent categories...yet.

    This should be a simple tweak though, as @a_5mith mentioned to me the other day.

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    Another reason to love NodeBB. I am not making much changes to my forum now as I am under the impression that 0.5x will be out soon. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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    This thread is applicable to this discussion I believe. Perhaps NodeBB can leapfrog what's currently out there by a happy medium between nested comments and forked conversations. I dunno... it seems like we could allow 1 level of comments on a post, but not 2 (so no comment on a comment, only comment on a post). But --- we could build up forking functionality to allow forking of posts.

    So if someone really did want to comment on a comment, they could fork that and keep going. After all, confusion and lack of context is the complaint against reddit-like discussion isn't it? If we allowed one level of comments only, and then required forking after that, it might be the happy medium. Context would theoretically always be there.