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  • Hi,

    I am thinking of migrating my smf forum to nodebb.

    Currently, i have my smf set up to allow my sub-forum moderators (in nodebb, i assume is category moderators) to help administer the sub-forum.

    The sub-forums i have set up is actually restricted access, and my sub-forum moderators will be given the rights to allow users into their sub-forums.

    In nodebb, falling short of giving the sub-forum (category moderators) administration rights, is it possible for me to have a similar forum structure?

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    @Silvina Duplicate request of gh#1299.

    Currently group moderator in NodeBB can't access the ACP, so changing group permissions etc isn't something that would be possible without them being an admin. Which would give them access to other sections of the site control panel. (Not advised)

    UntitledRobot created this issue in NodeBB/NodeBB

    closed Subcategories could be great #1299

  • Thanks for your reply :+1:

    Is this feature in the pipeline? As i don't see it being mentioned in the roadmap at all.

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    @Silvina If enough people ask for it, they build it. Maybe bump that issue up with a comment. :thumbsup:

  • Or bump this, or the many other threads asking for subforums ;)

  • I can actually work around categories, but i needed it to be self managed,
    so in nodebb terms, the category moderators and/or category admins can be given access control to manage the category, including who to allow/disallow into that category.

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    @Silvina said:

    so in nodebb terms, the category moderators and/or category admins can be given access control to manage the category


    including who to allow/disallow into that category.


    To elaborate on my last point, that would require giving someone global admin access in order to allow a group access to a category. You would then manually add members to that group that needed access to that category.

  • Admin

    Yeah, this is tricky -- having individual moderators manage whitelists (either by user or by group) is definitely not a typical use case for forums, much less subcategories.

    As @a_5mith said, it's possible to do if every global moderator has access to the groups page, and can manage their own groups, but at this point, there's a lot more work that needs to be done before we can even approach doing something like this...

  • Thanks guys!

    NodeBB is looking to be a great forum software to lookout for!

    I appreciate you guys taking the effort to answer my queries.

  • Bump since subcategories are now on the books :)

  • Thats great!

  • i need that function too

  • Gamers

    uh-oh, also need this. Didnt know that it would be difficult to have the owner of a group be in control of a subcategory for that group. :grimacing:

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