Howto: Restrict pages to those logged in

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  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    I noticed that pages like the /users page is still accessible even to those who are not logged in. How does one restrict pages like this to users who are logged in? Is this a feature that can be requested, as in added to the ACP, or can we do this via changing something on the page itself in the .tpl or something?

  • NodeBB

    Make user info private in ACP makes /users and profile pages only accesible to registered users.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    Great, thanks @baris. How about /recent and /popular? I'm trying to make a private forum but it doesn't seem current core is conducive to that.

    Edit: I realize that I can block guests from seeing posts by setting the access control parameters in the ACP, but I'd like to block the /recent and /popular (and all other) pages from guests just in case anything is missed, or at least blocking them access on principle.

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