Draggable dashboard (home) w/ collapsibility

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    Has anyone thought about this feature? I think it would be nice to be able to drag the tiles around and be saved to my liking. Also, collapsible tiles would be awesome on the home page!

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    This looks good, I may get around to taking a look at it, (I posted it 3 months ago) 😆

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    @corbit09 I see no reason why a theme can't extend itself to allow this... in core, it's a different story. There's an order picked by the admin which would serve as "default", and a theme like lavender could then allow users to re-order via drag/drop, and save the ordering in the browser's local storage (meaning the order would be reset if the user cleared their cache or switched browsers/computers).

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    oh wow, cool library

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    I definitely like the drag and drop function and would like to see someone (or myself) put it into a theme of theirs; this kind of customization is sometimes key to folk who like that sort of thing.

    @julian you mentioned that it'd save the ordering in the browser's local storage, but is there a way to save/load configurations for users who are logged in/have accounts?

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    @Tanner yup, just slightly more work as you'd have to wire up the save/load calls when the homepage is loaded.

    You could get away with doing the save only, if there were a hook for home page retrieval, but to my knowledge, we don't have one... (yet?)

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