Upgrading issues from 0.4.x to 0.4.3 (latest as of Jul 26 @ 1:10pm)

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    After last restart forum has been up almost 2 days without crash, no plugin has been disabled. Actually I didn't do anything else, just started NodeBB again.

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    @julian thanks, but all properties on any VPS "permission denied on key":

    $ cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness 60 $ sudo sysctl vm.swappiness=10 sysctl: permission denied on key 'vm.swappiness'

    And with the memory seems to be all right:
    0_1478632336050_Снимок экрана от 2016-11-08 22-12-04.png

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    EDIT: also reorganised some of the front page categories myself to get them to line up in sync. Fixed also.

    EDIT: OK found the remove category-icon margins fix. Still think the above is a prob worth mentioning. will try up a pic

    thanks @julian @psychobunny

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    You need to write a server side script to go through all the users and update their urls.

    Something like the following should work.

    var db = require('./database'), user = require('./user'), async = require('async'); db.getSortedSetRange('users:joindate', 0, -1, function(err, uids) { async.eachLimit(uids, 50, updateUserImage, function(err) { console.log('done'); }); }); function updateUserImage(uid, next) { user.getUserFields(uid, ['image', 'gravatarpicture', 'uploadedpicture'], function(err, userData) { // do your update here, can check current data from userData user.setUserField(uid, 'gravatarpicture', 'some_new_url', next); }); }
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    I'm trying to create a user via php to be recognized by nodebb authentication form. I do this via predis, so I can talk to redis via php.
    This is the relevant part of the code that creates a user in redisdb for nodebb in php: http://pastebin.com/GZWFvuWc

    But sadly, when I tried to login with such created account via php it didn't work and said "User does not exists".
    I checked all 'legit' userdata with my userdata created by php and I can't detect any flaws

    This is what I told php to create in redis, it's all verified and there:

    populate 'user:#' with 22 key's where # is uid populate 'email:uid' with user email and uid populate 'group:registered-users:members' with uid populate 'users:joindate' with 0 and uid populate 'users:joindate' with 0 and uid populate 'users:postcount' with 0 and uid populate 'reputation' with 0 and uid populate 'username:uid' with username and uid populate 'userslug:uid' with userslug and uid

    What am I missing :C??? I checked redis and the data is all their, but nodebb says the user does not exists

    EDIT: I checked the users tab in admin and saw that the username is there that was created from php. After I press the save button on the profile edit page of that profile, that account can then login! how strange. I'm going to do more digging until someone knows what i'm missing here.

    EDIT 2: I forgot slugifying userslug:uid in redis. Finally fix it 🙂