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    @julian said in Rocket.Chat SSO + embed plugin for Nodebb:

    @volanar contact us at [email protected] and we can discuss details 🙂


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    @ailion said in Separate theme from plugin:

    Real preview without rebooting or waiting for over 5 seconds/theme.

    Yeah, this is a real problem that I don't think can be solved by wishing it to happen. Not all things are possible with programming, unfortunately; there are real world constraints we have to live with.

    AFAIK the current themes require processing since they need to be compiled to CSS that the browser understands, and that requires time. What is sacrificed in time is gained in modularity and composability, which I think is quite a fair tradeoff, unless you plan on changing the CSS constantly (several times a day). This is a scenario I've seen too, but the way to solve it is extremely complex.

    But by all means, if you can pull it off, more power to you!

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    I did try posting that earlier from my iPad, but I was having issues with actually making posts. Haven't been able to replicate since. But yes, deleting users also removes their posts.

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    @Marco said:

    @julian I followed the docs. I got an outdated version labeled 0.4.3. No one ever told me to update the themes. It really does not matter if everything worked fine for a long time. This should just show you that you need more testing. You obviously did not test installing version 0.4.3 as described in the docs directly.
    I know it's not easy to find bugs, but please seriously consider this request as it will prevent a lot of headaches in the future and show admins what might not be working. I cannot make a good bug report if I am using outdated software. I did not even know that it was outdated. You won't be able to solve future bugs if people use outdated software without knowing.

    BTW.: as I already wrote on github, renaming the branches won't help anyone if it contains outdated software or the docs are insufficient. I would be really glad to see my request beingf implemented and help thousands of people setting up a very nice forum.

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    Okay handing out 1 week bans to all. One month for @julian I need to catch up too.