• @psychobunny Oh is it? Need to remember my login now. 😆

  • Admin

    It was pretty cool, I liked the built-in git diffs (files that were changed are highligted, and line numbers are too)

    Overall just a touch slower (noticeable), and tbh, I love my ST theme and am too lazy to look for one / port it over 😛

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    Sublime Text 3, WAMP, Chrome, GitHub (as always) and of course (albeit much to my dismay) a CentOS server for running things server-side. Really looking to move over to a Debian server soon, as no one seems to test anything on CentOS.

    CentOS needs more love! 😄

  • Tried using Atom Editor, loving it so far because of its Atom Package Manager (apm, and it is possible to add extensions using CLI, geek's way). The bad thing? It is a bit slower when comparing it with TextMate / Sublime Text. But I believe it has a good future ahead.

  • Still trying to sort out which editor is my favorite in my environment. I use Sublime Text the most, but I love Bracket's easier extensibility and built-in folder browser. Haven't given Atom a spin yet but will very soon now that the Windows alpha is out.

    I use AMPPS as my LAMP stack, pretty decent and it's from the guys who made Softaculous, so spinning up different forum scripts for fun and conversion experiments is easy.

    And I still run NodeBB out of my downloads folder like a filthy casual.

  • I have used SublimeText2 before but I think i'll give 3 a try, it still has a decent trial doesnt it?

    I have seen Atom and there has been some love and some hate for it so i dont know if i really want to use something so new.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @Scuzz The "subscribe now" window will pop up every 20 or so saves that you do but you don't actually have to purchase it in order to use it.

  • If i get serious with this project then I will probably buy a licence.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    Couldn't hurt to support them, if you like the product 🙂

  • @Scuzz Yeah it just has a popup after a certain number of saves, but you can keep using it without buying it. Definitely a good free editor.

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