• @julian i am still facing serious difficulties on user login at my local host.last day as u suggest i follow your steps but nothing happened its showing invalid password.But the password was correct:
    I again try today to reset password i went to and set the password :
    But however i don't get any e-mail password resent.
    after that opened redis cmd but strangly this time i got many uids !!:
    Help it pains.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    After you run the hkeys command, you need to copy the last key shown. Then you have to go to the following url: (the rest of the key)

    That will let you reset the password.

  • @julian i follow ur advice and it was for the 1st successfully login.


    But sadly after when i logout and restart redis server & nodebb from gitshell and used the same password but again login problem appears!!!

    Am i misunderstanding it? Does it needs new logins every time i open nodebb at my localhost??
    please clarify me.
    WHAT is going on!!! it is so disappointing.please help. I am so tired of posting many screenshots..........

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @himadree So it worked the first time, but after restarting redis/nodebb, the login stopped working? That's quite weird.

  • @julian let me know u get any clue to resolve this problem.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @himadree I cannot confirm that this is a bug, so I'm unable to help you... it seems like your Redis database is unable to persist properly to disk. Perhaps you can inspect the log files in Redis for some clues.

  • Account locked temporarily Issues
    nodebb -

    1. - send password request
    2. [[email protected] ~]# redis-cli
    3. redis> hkeys reset:uid,
    • (empty list or set) -What could be wrong?

  • @AndrewStark Password reset doesn't unlock the account (there's an issue on github about it, don't think it's closed yet)

    You need to do redis-cli DEL lockout:YOUR_UID

    Then to reset your password

    1. Go to /reset and key in your email. It won't send out the password reset email, but a key will be generated. This key expires after 2 hours.
    2. redis-cli to enter the redis console. If redis is installed on a different port, host, or socket, use -p, -h, and -s respectively
    3. hgetall reset:uid, and locate the reset id corresponding to your uid Go to yoururl/reset/{reset-uid}

  • reinstalled everything, now writes:

    Your account has been locked temporarily

  • I use mongo so I have to follow a different approach to unlock my account
    launch your mongo cli, switch to the nodebb db and run


    uid is usually 1 for admin

    If you don't know what your uid is you can run

    db.objects.remove({"_key": { $regex: /lockout:.*/ }})

    to unlock all locked accounts

    Becareful when doing this as I'm not sure if it would have any other side effects I'm not aware of. It's only meant to be a quick way restore order if you keep locking yourself out during dev

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