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    I obtain this error when I try to access to category but the google console don't give me some details but only that the error is:
    "Cannot read property 'locked' of null"

    nodebb.min.js:25243 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property

    at this line:
    helpers.generateTopicClass = function(topic) {
    var style = [];
    //at this line
    if (topic.locked) {

    if (topic.pinned) { style.push('pinned'); } if (topic.deleted) { style.push('deleted'); } if (topic.unread) { style.push('unread'); } return style.join(' '); };

    I think is for the async.waterfall call because

    data.category.topics = topic.concat(data.category.topics);

    Anyone can help me?

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    Cool 🙂 I'm more than happy to transfer the repo over to you if you wish to maintain it. As far as the NodeBB core is concerned, just submit a PR and we can discuss it there

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    I use mongo so I have to follow a different approach to unlock my account
    launch your mongo cli, switch to the nodebb db and run


    uid is usually 1 for admin

    If you don't know what your uid is you can run

    db.objects.remove({"_key": { $regex: /lockout:.*/ }})

    to unlock all locked accounts

    Becareful when doing this as I'm not sure if it would have any other side effects I'm not aware of. It's only meant to be a quick way restore order if you keep locking yourself out during dev

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    @anooxy said:

    @psychobunny I got no users now, did they rename the dump.rdb?

    Possibly, yes. The new redis config might have changed the database file from "dump.rdb" to "redis.rdb". Go into /var/lib/redis and save a backup copy of dump.rdb, it's probably the bigger one (since the other one is empty).

    Then turn off redis: sudo stop redis-server

    Then check /etc/redis/redis.conf for the dbfilename option, and check that it is set to dump.rdb.

    Start redis: sudo start redis-server