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  • i also don't think tapatalk is needed anymore. I use it with ipboard and i just want to get rid of it.

  • I would like to see this plugin made

    I think peoplea see this app the wrong way it's not for one forum but to consolidate multiple forums in one place

    Yes no reason to use it if you one forum you follow has a good mobile version

    But if your part of 10 different forums, as I am all in different fields of IT. It's a god sent to log into one app and have notification and reply from all of the different forums.

    This is just my point of view and I think it would be a nice addition

  • (Apologies in advance as my first post here is about such a boring topic as Tapatalk. And the semi necro)

    @tfraley touches the main problem; It's not that nodeBB doesn't work for your users or isn't better than TT - the users expect TT to work. They have used it for years as their goto app on mobile devices. Some might buy the claim that nodeBB works better natively, but quite a few are creatures of habit. Change is hard and some of us are looking to radically change the forum experience, which can be all the change users can handle at the time.

    I'm looking to move from a boring but stable phpBB forum to something newer. In my search for a platform I stumbled upon nodeBB. I have to give you guys credit - this leaps and bounds ahead of all the boring PHP-based forums I have looked at. I'm still restricted by what users expect. I'm not sure I can sell missing TT support simply because it is an expected service right now.

    In other words, the problem isn't technical, it's user expectance/experience. Users that don't agree that the latest and greatest is necessarily the best user experience.

  • I know this is an old topic but I wonder if anybody has made something related to Tapatalk´s support on Nodebb.


  • @alejandrocobo , you could easily make a wrapper app for Android using NodeBB.

  • @meetdilip Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, my community is asking me Tapatalk because of the centralization. So I need support just for Tapatalk. To have an app just to visit the forum is the same than visit the forum on a browser.

  • @alejandrocobo said in NodeBB integration with Tapatalk:

    To have an app just to visit the forum is the same than visit the forum on a browser.

    Certainly not. Mainly, your presence on his/her smart phone changes everything. Also, there are local notifications, push notifications etc that can improve user activity while using a dedicated app.

  • I think there's already a web view app for nodebb mentioned for android if you search for it

    I'm on the fence about TT support in NodeBB but I get why people want it. If it's really important, it seems like it should be feasible with the NodeBB write API plugin?

  • @meetdilip I am sorry but it is the same since the people want to centralize the information, not to have another app for another forum.

    @Bri Yes, it is unmaintained but it works and I use it. But once again, an app is not an alternative to Tapatalk. They are different things and a app doesn't stop people asking for Tapatalk support.

  • Shouldn't this request be directed to Taptalk Inc? They seem to charge both the app user and the forum maintainer for "pro" features.

    As this is an open source project, they're free to provide a NodeBB taptalk plugin and earn more money 😉

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