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  • I'm coming from phpBB, myBB forums softwares and I'm kinda surprised by some missing features in NodeBB. So I thought I'll make a list of these features I would love to see incorporated to nodeBB.


    I would love to see them, forums get messy when there's no ability to group categories by theme.

    • Theme
      • Category

    And even further

    • Theme
      • Category
        • Sub-category

    Actually I'm using this three levels on my forums and I don't think I would be able to use only categories to fake it. I've seen that I can change categories classes but finally it's hacking for a feature that should be there in my opinion.

    Custom Profiles

    I know that my members love to see a little thing written under their names to complement their profile or just add some personalty. Something like 'The God Father'.
    And further I think that custom fields would be a nice implementation and maybe something that could be better than on phpBB. I'm thinking of the profiles custom fields like group of images ect...
    Something that could be awesome is to have a ACF (Wordpress plugin) like in order to allow us to add as many custom fields in profiles like 'Teams' is 'Text Input', 'Team Logo' is 'Image chosen in a list' ect. With some permissions to allow only Administrators to edit them.

    Talking of permissions I haven't found yet if there's a moderator kinda thing I don't want my moderators to have the same rights as administrators for example (admin panel access).

    These could be some nice features to see implemented in the next versions of NodeBB.
    I don't think copying what is existing is the right solution though but some features are necessary for communities in my opinion even more when the users were used to.

    I have some ideas of features but I definitely see them as plugins and I guess I'll give it a try.

  • I agree with both major points above. I just started a brand new community and two of the first complaints have been clutter from a lack of category hierarchy and the need of custom profile fields. Has anyone made any plugins yet that would allow for these items?

  • I'm not sure if there's a plugin that allows users to add their own flair... a fond memory I have from a long time ago is saving up my currency earned through posting to buy the user flair feature so I could set fun things under my name 😄

    ... but category organization is an issue that's really hotly debated here...

  • Hotly debated and yet highly demanded. Even if it was a feature that could be turned on or off would suffice those who need it for larger and more organized forums, at least for those who aren't ready to jump ship into the tag system for organizing posts, even though it very well is the new paradigm.

  • @julian said:

    I'm not sure if there's a plugin that allows users to add their own flair

    If you're talking about the custom fields I've came acrros this in the doc
    I haven't tested it out yet it's not user friendly since it means creating a plugin but could answer my needs.

    I agree with @Tanner the tag system is really well organized and thought but there's some lack if I take a concrete example on my forum I have events.
    There's like 100+ subjects by weekly event in 3 categories

    • Event information and participation.
    • Event voting.
    • Passed events.

    So if I was using tags to organize the whole that would mean I have a section with like 300+ posts and the need of filtering them by clicking on a tag. When I could just have what it's existing on my forum 3 sections in a category of the event name.
    Maybe is there a way in a theme to organize by tags but I don't think it's the simplest approach to that.

    Anyway thanks to show some interest I think this is something to argue with.

  • A plugin to add custom profile fields in admin panel would be fine.

  • I want our users to be able to upload their own pics and videos in a gallery on their profile page just like fb profile page, that would be a very cool feature.

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